Take your blog to whole new level!

First thing people notice in your blog is a layout. So why not make it get everybodys interest?

Hey, I'm Julia

19-year-old girl from Finland designing websites for fun. My "web designer" history started when I first made layout to my friend's blog in 2011. Since then things have changed a lot: I have customers from somewhere else than just near where I live, I get paid for doing what I love to do and last but not least I for some time run a company for my layouts. Later I have had so little time to work with layouts I gave up the company and do them as a hobby. Will you be the next one giving me a new challenge? Scroll down to se what you need to do...
To know more about me you can check my blog or twitter.

Few layouts by me:

+ Elizaveta, Kirsin kirjanurkka, Dreams Always Involved, AS LIKE ME in Australia, Lot of Smile...

How the magic happens

1. You contact me (julianulkoasut@gmail.com) and I put you to the line.
2. I send you about 10 questions that you should answer before I start designing your layout.
3. You give me rights to change your layout by making me a writer of your blog.
4. I make header suggestions and with your opinion we'll find the one that best suits your blog.
5. When the header is ready I can change the rest of the layout.
6. It's ready!


How much? 40€
Is it okay if I haven't written a blog before? Yes.
Does it matter if I don't have many followers? No.
How can I pay? With bank transfer.

Kuinka paljon yksi ulkoasu maksaa? 40€
Haittaako jos ei ole aikaisemmin kirjottanu blogia? Ei haittaa.
Onko lukijoiden määrällä väliä? Ei ole.
Miten maksu hoidetaan? Tilisiirtona.

If you still have questions let me know! Lisää kysymyksiä voi laittaa sähköpostiin!

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e-mail: julianulkoasut@gmail.com
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